Monday, January 4, 2010

2NE1 Fashion Updates

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Fashion Evolution is BACK!!!

Hello peeps!!!
I am here to proudly announced that 2NE1 New Evolution Fashion has finally been updated with new clothes and brands… go check them out at 2NE1 Fashion.

I apologized for updating the site after so long but due to my finals and having failing my finals, I kinda spent more time and focus on my studies rather than the girls…but now that it’s all over and donw with, I can finally go voer my research again for the right clothes and brands just so you guys can get a glimpse of the things the girls wear on-stage and off (MVs is what I mean)
BTW, if it’s any possibilities any of you true 2NE1 fans have a slightly clue about the items the girls wore (especially the sneakers they’ve been pulling off during their performances lately.

Just let me know the brand and the name of the item clothing and I’ll do the research. Don’t worry, your assisstant will be mush recognized. Thank you~


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